Our Story

Every brand has a story, and ours is one of contemporary Australian life.  We’ve travelled globally, but it is our heritage and memories that keeps us inspired.  


The brand is synonymous with minimalist fine detailing, whilst taking on a sense of humour and nostalgia through its character of charms and design.  Pink LouLou is designed in Australia and only creates with high quality 925 sterling silver, 24ct gold plating and 9ct solid gold.  We design jewellery to wear everyday, with every piece having a story…celebrating where you’ve come from and where you’ve been.  Keepsakes that are no just worn, but treasured.


Our brand started in 2008 when Tasmanian Skye Campbell made a series of Tasmanian Map Necklaces for those closest.  It was a way of keeping a little piece of home close to their hearts. Since then, our collections have continued to draw inspiration from meaningful real-world interactions and created a loyal following here in Australia and abroad.


In 2017, the reins were handed over from Skye Campbell, the original brand owner and Creative Director, to fellow Tasmanian and long time admire of the brand, Esther Kelleher.  Esther, who has over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, is thrilled to take the brand on the next evolution and explore new territory.


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